Charmène “Mama” Vega believes it is important to be responsible in the use of consumer power in making food purchases, an ethical benefit she passes on to our customers. We choose locally sourced fresh seasonal ingredients when possible from local suppliers. An important benefit of nutrient-dense ingredients is you eat less therefore, it is more cost effective.

Gluten-free Many people choose a gluten-free diet for reasons other than necessity; sometimes they just want to feel healthier or they want to lose weight. Our products are gluten-free.

Weaning ourselves from emotional and habitual dependence on a diet high in refined sugar can be a long journey, but I hope it will be easier with the help of this book. Mama Vega recipes use fruits and lower sugar options like honey, agave, dates, coconut sugar, maple syrup and seasonal fruit combinations. Occasionally, molasses and organic dark brown sugar is used, but we refrain from using white sugars.

Sugar-free With the rapid increase of diabetes, obesity and related illnesses, Mama Vega has created a line of products that are sugar-free (BBQ sauces, spreads and spices). In addition, reduced salt is also included in product development and when salt is used, it is various specialty sea salts.

Private Labeling Several companies have contracted Mama Vega for private labeling because of her unique blends of flavors and texture.

Philanthropy A percentage of every sale is given back to nonprofits (fighting hunger, abuse and disabilities) in the areas in which Mama Vega Products are in the store. Now, Mama Vega has expanded the giving back to communities from the areas the online sales originate.


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