Why eating healthy?

NOW, CHEW ON THIS! is written in response to the growing need for delicious food that is free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar, nuts, preservatives and additives. My aim is to bring together a collection of recipes that everyone can eat, while at the same time offer the vegetarian cook lots of freedom of choice when serving those with diverse dietary needs. More….

Now, Chew On This!

Discover the food and health connection: the secret to energy, vitality and satiety for women, men and children through nutrient-dense recipes. Mama Vega’s recipes use ingredients you can pronounce, are all natural, nutrient-dense, minimally processed and taste as good if not better than what you find in those chemical-laced food places. After eating her recipes, you will feel satisfied, energized, with no discomfort from indigestion, and you end up eating less because your cells are satiated. More….