Eggs, Eggs, Eggs… which ones to choose?

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Eggs: Ostrich, Duck, and Chicken

Throughout the years there have been so many different opinions on if we should eat eggs or not eat eggs. There is the question of cholesterol, protein, diseases and allergies just to name a few.

This blog is just going to focus a three types: ostrich, duck and chicken. The information is not to convince you to eat or not eat eggs, but if you do choose to eat eggs, here is a small crack for you to peep through.

Egg yolks: rich in several essential vitamins- A, D, E, B-12, K, and minerals -riboflavin, folate, omega-3, and iron. The yolks also contain cholesterol which has given the egg in general its reputation for being bad for your health. the yolk also has more fat than the whites.

Egg whites: are a great source of low-calorie protein. The egg’s tarnished reputation comes from the cholesterol the yolk contains.

Mixed greens topped with Duck Eggs

Health Considerations: If you have a risk of developing heart disease, have high cholesterol or if your blood pressure runs high, you’ll probably want to stay away from egg yolks. All of the 1.6 grams of saturated fat in eggs comes from the yolk.

It is now reported that:”The real threat to high cholesterol are trans fats and added sugars, not dietary cholesterol. Years ago, when scientists learned that high blood cholesterol was associated with heart disease, foods high in cholesterol were thought to be the leading cause of unhealthy blood cholesterol. Now, 25 years later, scientists have come to the conclusion that cholesterol in food is not the true villain — trans fats have a much greater effect on blood cholesterol.” (

Eggs are also good for your: eyes, muscles, and brain.

Neighbor's Rhode Island Red Comes to Visit
Neighbor’s Rhode Island Red Comes to Visit

Cage-free: Fowl and eggs labeled with this generally only means they were housed in a large barn, but not in cages. They are often not allowed to roam freely in the sun.

Free-range: Fowl and eggs with this label roam freely and are not kept in cages providing the fowl with daily sunlight as the fowl chooses. The eggs harvested from these free-range fowl is also rich in vitamin-D as the fowl that laid these eggs were able to also have received vitamin-D from the sun.

The Best Eggs Are Free

Duck eggs and Ostrich eggs are sought after by many chefs who are bakers for their rich source of protein. The protein and fats in these egg is far greater than that found in chicken eggs making the baked good richer and fluffier.

Hand Painted Ostrich Eggs
Hand Painted Ostrich eggs done @ Quail Run Ostrich Ranch in Lake Hughs, CA

Trivia – One (1)ostrich egg is equivalent to three (3) dozen chicken eggs and the shell is so hard you will need to wrap the egg in a towel and use a hammer. If you want to save the egg shell it requires a special technique. Check Out Quail Run Ostrich Ranch

Three Kinds of Eggs
Protecting the Eggs




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    Hey, Mama Vega, We do remember and thank you so much for the great representation! Please come back to see us soon…
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