From dish to page

The motivation to write and publish NOW, CHEW ON THIS! was inspired by repeated requests over the years from family and customers at hospitals, schools, social mediums and online forums as well as various farmers markets we participated in over the years. Photographing my dishes and various foods and farms allowed me to visualize and imagine my book on the shelves of bookstores and in your hands. My partner, Marion Young and I began writing in January of 2014. I squeezed in writing in between cooking food for sales, selling at farmers markets, nutrition classes, marketing my business, making videos, doing radio interviews while being a daughter, mother and grandma (aka “Magna” to my grandson, Cameron who, when this book began, could not pronounce grandma). Marion claims to be semi-retired, but working with me she quickly found out that was not a reality. She made time to design, research, make calls to publishers and write in between her insurance business, health concerns and family obligations.

It’s been exciting, educational and rewarding for both of us. However, our greatest motivation is to educate people on making better choices in food preparation and food combining, while maintaining taste, texture, quality and nutrients.

Many restaurants, especially fast food establishments, use products laced with chemicals and ingredients whose names you can barely pronounce phonetically and, if you can, you have no idea what you just said. Why would you eat   something with preservatives, colorings and flavors that are not natural? Are you desiring to preserve yourself from the inside? Mummification is a form of body preserving. Is that your goal? If so, keep eating chemicals for preserving and inhibiting bacterial growth both beneficial and harmful and you will achieve your goal.

My recipes use ingredients you can pronounce, are all natural, nutrient dense, minimally processed and taste just as good if not better than what you find in these chemical laced food places. After eating my recipes, you will feel satisfied, energized, with no discomfort from indigestion, and you end up eating less because your cells are satiated.

— Charmène M. Vega

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